Health Permit

Health Permit

If you plan to have food and/or beverages in your booth...

Levy Restaurants has sole rights on all food and beverage distribution within the Los Angeles Convention Center. Food and beverage sampling may be allowed when approved in writing by Levy Restaurants and requires a permit from the Los Angeles Health Department.  BOTH of the forms below must be completed and submitted.

Click here for the Sampling Authorization form (no fee involved)
This form must be submitted in advance of the show directly to Levy's Restaurants' Allison Stellrecht by email at Click here for things to look for when filling out your sampling form. Questions? Contact Allison with Levy directly at 213-765-4464.

Click here for the Health Permit. This form needs to be completed and returned to Sue Fales by email at The show will process your $51 Health Permit fee with your booth invoice. All forms need to be submitted NO LATER than August 3, 2018 to avoid an additional $50.00 processing fee from the Los Angeles Department of Public Health.

For questions regarding Health Permits contact:
Magdy Wahba
Phone: 626-430-5468

This is REQUIRED by the city of Los Angeles. Failure to submit the form and fee can result in your booth being shut down by the Health Inspector.

Click here for a sample of a complete form.