Sabor Latino Pavilion

The 2018 Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo will feature the Sabor Latino Pavilion.  

The Sabor Latino Pavilion allows restaurant and foodservice operators to stay on top of the growing demand and interest in Latino restaurants and menu offerings.    

The Pavilion focuses on Hispanic and Latin American products for the restaurant, foodservice and retail market, specifically new and traditional, authentic ingredients, flavors, products, prepared foods and private label products -- offering restaurant and foodservice operators the opportunity to stay on top of consumer's growing interest in cuisine with no ethnic boundaries!  

  • The Hispanic population is the largest ethnic minority in the US - growing 43% in the past 10 years -- with a growing buying power as well.  
  • You can draw in these guests by adding spicy and flavorful foods to your menu -- using ingredients that are both familiar and authentic.  
  • And these crafted menu items, developed for Hispanic guests, also appeal to the general public -- nearly 70% of consumers are more likely to try ethnic cuisine in a restaurant rather than cook it at home.

Back for 2018, this is your opportunity to source ingredients and products from 30+ brands to create new dishes with your own signature style -- from Tex-Mex to authentic regional Mexican cuisine to Nuevo Latino.  

Does your company have a product you would like to showcase in the Sabor Latino Pavilion?  Please contact Lilly Rocha at (925) 212-4016 or email Lilly for details on exhibitor participation.  


Exhibiting companies from the 2017 show included:

Exhibitor Booth #
LFIA 2627, 2629, 2633, 2635, 2637
Uniforms by 2625
Martin Pure Foods 2623
INIX Products 2621
Amar Hidroponia 2617
Natura's Foods 2615
el Restaurante Magazine 2613
Yucantan Government 2611
Productos Latinos 2603, 2609
Manufacturers Bank 2600
Agro Kiin 2602
Proalmex 2604
Mama Linda 2606
Olisea 2612
El Ombu Productos Y Servicios de Excelencia 2614
Century Pacific 2616, 2618
Sabor POS 2620