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​New Education Summits Designed to Meet Your Needs

New education tracks this year

2023 Education Program Soon
Your desire for education is stronger than ever as you adapt to new regulations, implement new technology, revamp your menu offerings, focus on customer loyalty, and more. 
Restaurant owners/operators, foodservice professionals, chefs, managers, and retail owners can rely on the educational content at our event to gain important insight on: 
  • Menu Development
  • Marketing and social media
  • Employees and Staffing
  • Bar and Beverage
  • Hot Topics
  • Technological Advances
  • Operational Excellence and Efficiency
  • Finance/Leasing/Development
  • and more!
We know the needs of your business differ depending on which business type you run. The new Education Summits will serve your immediate and focused needs – whether you run an Independent Restaurant, Multi-Unit/Chain, Business & Institutional Foodservice, or if your focus is Technology. Each Summit features curated content developed by our education partner EventEd and is guided by an Advisory Board representing each Summit individually. Feel free to move between Summits as all education is open to all visitors. 

Independent Operator

Independent Operator

You’re running a busy restaurant and taking on all aspects of the business – from staying on top of trends to inventory management and pricing; from strategizing how to keep customers coming back to staffing, hiring, and training.  If you have your hands in all areas of the business, we’ve got it all for you here. 

2023 Independent Summit Programs Coming Soon
Multi-Unit/Chain Operator

Multi-Unit/Chain Operator

You’ve got a lot on your plate … from researching in-house vs. third party delivery, ghost and virtual kitchens, how to leverage customer data, sourcing and retaining talent, and more. Find your resources here. 
2023 Multi-Unit/Chain Summit Programs Coming Soon


The segment of foodservice and dining poses a number of challenges that differ from a traditional restaurant. Whether you’re looking to better address micro-markets or menu variety, foodservice or dietary needs feeding those in educational, medical, or corporate dining environments, this program should be your first stop if you’re looking for answers.

2023 Foodservice Summit Programs Coming Soon



Technology will be your one-stop-stop of dedicated educational offerings addressing your needs to navigate today’s technology landscape – from mobile payments to delivery and ghost kitchens, AI and machine learning, and building an effective tech stack, view the available solutions here.
2023 Technology Summit Programs Coming Soon