Food Trends Experience

Food Trends Experience

The Food Trends Experience is a tasting adventure providing direct access to products, flavors and ingredients driving the most exciting, emerging trends in the market – healthy, organic, sustainable, ethnic, artisanal, and more! Presented within the Show, the Food Trends Experience is your fastest and most convenient way to see, taste, discover and learn about the new culinary innovations that will inspire creative and fresh menu ideas, delight customers and drive profits.


2020 Participants:

Artisanal Beverages, Inc.

Booth #1483A

Beviva Foods

Booth #1383J

Brooklyn Food and Beverage

Booth #1383I

Don Diego Quality Foods

Booth #1383A

Ice Husky Inc

Booth #1483G & 1483H

Padilla ISM

Booth #1390H & 1390A

San Diego Pretzel Company

Booth #1383B

Walong Marketing

Booth #1383B