Japan Pavilion

Join us for this new gathering of foods and products solely dedicated to Japanese foods and flavors.  Discover umami flavors to give your cuisine an edge with offerings created with Japanese ingredients.  Nearly 20 companies will be participating, please check back for the complete exhibitor list.  
Generally understood as a savory flavor, Umami has been recognized is Japan for thousands of years, but is a relatively new concept in the United States.  It is the flavor that characterizes Japanese and other Asian cuisine.  Umami has had increasing influence in current taste preferences because of the growing interest in Umami-packed ingredients, such as miso, soy sauce, and konbu.
The Japan Pavilion is created in partnership with Azix inc. is a market research, branding and marketing consulting firm who has created trade and consumer events including Dine Out for Japan, Japan Town, Japanese Restaurant Week, and Japan Week.  

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