What is the western foodservice & hospitality expo match program?

The Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo (also know as the Western Food Show) MATCH! Program is an efficient and effective way to connect with the Buyers most relevant to your business objectives. The appointment program delivers measurable ROI right to your booth in the form of prescheduled appointments with qualified buyers who have purchasing authority and spend.  

what are the benefits of match! for an exhibitor?

  • Program limited to 30 exhibitors
  • Best of both worlds… prescheduled appointments alongside the activity and buzz of a traditional tradeshow! 
  • Buyers are prequalified to ensure that their sourcing needs align with your business objectives
  • Schedule arranged through matching software  
  • By knowing which meetings are scheduled in advance, suppliers are able to prepare, and improve the success ratio  
  • Concierge experience facilitated by a dedicated MATCH! Buyer Manager to assist with appointment setting, registration and more
  • Guarantee that buyers will keep appointments with suppliers    
  • Meetings take place in the convenience of your booth providing you with access to your products and services
  • Access for you and your colleagues to the Five Star Buyers Lounge on the show floor
  • Education & networking opportunities for staff and teams attending
  • For additional questions please email us at

what is the cost for match?

  • $1,500 guarantees you 5 prescheduled appointments
  • Access to all conference activities including, keynotes, panels, breakout tracks.
  • Access to all networking events and receptions.
  • For additional questions please email us at 

Qualified restauranteurs with decision-making authority are screened by the NY Restaurant Show to ensure they are actively evaluating and making purchasing decisions for their organizations. The goal and result of the program is to bring buyers and sellers together to expedite and create efficiency for the process of doing business.

match! meeting program rationale

  • High travel cost and hard to schedule meetings
  • Low conversion rate on scheduling meetings for sales team
  • Challenging getting to premier/hard to reach decision makers 
  • Supplier cost per trip can average $2,000
  • Scheduled 10 trips for meetings = $20,000
  • MATCH! total cost for Exhibitor = $1,500
    • Cost per meeting = $200

how does match! work

A few weeks before the show, MATCH! Exhibitors and Buyers receive a list of “suggested” matches based upon mutual product interest. Exhibitors and Buyers can then accept the recommendations and the appointment is then confirmed in each party’s calendar. 

  • You can see who is attending and use the sorting options to narrow down the list.
  • You online access to the system will allow you to manage your appointments and update your profile
  • Meetings can start being requested approximately 3 weeks from the event.

Interested in Participating?