Automation and AI are Knocking: How Will Your Restaurant Answer?

Monday, August 28, 2017 - 4:00 am to 4:45 am
Western Food Expo Education - Operational Excellence - Operational Excellence

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Matthew Favier
SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions


Automation and new artificial-intelligence technologies are knocking on the door of every restaurant, and if your restaurant wants to succeed, you need to answer sooner rather than later. Guest-to-employee and guest-to-app relationships will soon be supplemented with the guest-to-artificial-intelligence relationship. In this tech-forward market, success depends on preparing for that relationship now.

Come to this session and find out how to enhance your guest-to-restaurant interactions based on a new AI study performed by SYNQ3 and pioneered by P.F. Chang’s. At this session, tech-expert Matthew Favier will equip attendees with never-before-acquired, measurable data concerning what customers want in restaurant interactions and what strategies to implement in identifying the best automation and AI opportunities for attendees’ restaurants, large and small. Understanding the opportunities and adapting to this study's findings will set your restaurant apart.

Location: Theater B - Booth 2054

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