Experiential Marketing: Creating a Buzz for Your Biz

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 - 12:00 pm to 12:45 pm
Western Food Expo Education - Hot Trends - Hot Trends

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Sara Abbas
CEO / Founder of Ev0lver Inc. | Author | Entrepreneur | Wellness Expert
Jeff Rector
Frank Matthew Berumen
Experiential Event Specialist, Emcee & Founder of WayLive!


Marie-Claire Lemoine
Experiential Marketing Guru, Event Host & Professional Narrator


What if we told you there was a secret ingredient missing in your recipe for running a wildly successful business? In this digital age, where email blasts and press releases are a dime a dozen, what price are you paying to reach your consumers, and are you really connecting to them?.... The missing piece? Experiential Marketing. This often-overlooked topic combines the best of marketing, advertising and PR to deliver the consumer so much more than an "impression" - it fully engages them in an EXPERIENCE. Don't miss this panel of outside- the-box thinkers as they share their insight and expertise to help you think differently about the way you create a buzz for your brand. 

Location: Theater A - Booth 1754

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