The Post-Omnivore Era: Why the Future of Foodservice & Hospitality Belongs to Selective Eating Niches

Sunday, August 27, 2017 - 1:00 am to 1:45 am
Western Food Expo Education - Increase Loyalty - Increase Loyalty

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Steven Tan, MD
Co-Founder, Selectivor
Daniel Lemin
Co-Founder, Selectivor


The Age of the Omnivore is over. People are increasingly selective about what and how they eat. In fact, studies show that nearly two-thirds of Americans have at least one dietary restriction. Even more, this new majority expects - and often demands - that their selective preferences are met wherever they go, especially in foodservice and hospitality establishments. This dramatic shift in eating patterns from omnivores to selective eaters has created challenges and opportunities for the foodservice and hospitality industry. 

This session reviews the implications of this trend, core concepts all industry professionals must know, and pivots the industry must make to thrive with the emergence of the selective eating niche. Who are these selective eaters? What are their primary food concerns? What are their eating behaviors? This session also lays out a comprehensive framework for this new, complex landscape. Ultimately, it helps all members of the foodservice and hospitality industry identify selective eating niches relevant to their industry subsegment, provide personalized customer experiences for these niches, and solidify customer loyalty for overall success.

Location: Theater B - Booth 2054

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