The Power to Convene: How to Create Your Own Brand Bonfire

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 - 1:00 am to 1:45 am
Western Food Expo Education - Increase Loyalty - Increase Loyalty

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Kevin E. Kelley
Co-Founder & Principal, Shook Kelley


Let's be honest:  modern day living is pretty hectic these days.  Few of us have much time to slow down, relax and focus on any one thing for too long before the next distraction assaults us.

Our attention is divided and subdivided into hundreds of little momentary thoughts, interruptions and tweets, all of which is having a big effect on the way traditional brands used to work.  Now more than ever, what today's consumer companies need is the ability to convene humans around an idea, a forum and an experience-or what we call a "brand bonfire".  

In this provocative talk, architect and retail strategist Kevin Kelley will unfold the process his firm utilized for over two decades to create places and spaces that have The Power to Convene. 

Location: Theater B - Booth 2054

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