Chef Pizzaiolo Ali Haider

Chef & Owner, 786 Degrees


Titled "The Ambassador of International Flavors", Ali Haider of Indian & Iraqi descent is the visionary & creator of 786 Degrees Wood Fired Pizza Co; he began his dream journey back in 2014. Ali being a huge foodie at heart, was representing automotive companies professionally as a spokes model for years due to which he travelled extensively all around the world. On his honeymoon to Naples Italy, he tried his first Neapolitan Margherita; and that was it, that was the Ah ha! Moment for him. Pizzaiolo Ali had found his creativity outlet .His innate passion to find the best local street food led him find the right balance of local flavors with gourmet ingredients. In the will to learn from the best, this insatiable craving drove him back to the motherland of pizzas, Naples, Italy where he researched and studied the Artisanal craft of classic Italian cooking following the rules of VPN. There aren’t a lot of self-taught Chef Pizzaiolos out there who have achieved the status of recognition in the culinary world in such a short span of time. Ali Haider, a cerebral chef if there ever was one, isn’t your ordinary chef. He opened his own restaurant leaving behind his successful career as a spokes model following his vision and passion to form 786 Degrees in Sun Valley, CA, which in turn in a year and a half of opening was presented the Title of the Best Restaurant in California by USA Today 2016. Besides being awarded the Best Restaurant in California 2016 and having several articles in LA Weekly, PMQ Magazine & Pizza Today. He appeared on several TV and Radio stations from Food Network to ABC7 to KTLA5 to name a few. Recently competing at the International Baking Industry Expo in Las Vegas he got awarded 1st place for Best Pizza in the Nation 2017. The accolades continued: After winning the Caputo Cup in 2016 in New York City, Chef Ali was invited to represent the United States as an International Ambassador at the World Pizza Championship in Parma, Italy on May of 2017 where the best chefs from around the world compete. There too, he ranked the highest scorer of any competitor and brought back trophy and medal for United States. A thinking man’s chef, Pizzaiolo Ali presents his signature pizzas by keeping a fusion of different culinary traditions in mind. He has created pizzas with indulgent international favorites from Bombay Tikka Masala to Turkish Doner Kabob while keeping in with Italian tradition he has designed The Shrimp Tuscany wild Mushrooms and Arugula finished with truffle oil and of course not to forget the classic Margherita Napolitana D.O.C.
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