Chris Sayegh

The Herbal Chef


A walking brand full of charisma and charm, Christopher has pioneered the effort of Cannabis Infused Fine-Dining to elevate the perception of Marijuana into mainstream media. These dinners include art, music, fine wine and top notch ingredients, simultaneously and effortlessly educating his audience while entertaining them at the same time. Currently, Chris is producing gourmet edibles, frozen CBD and THC-infused dinners, as well as catered and private dinners. With the innovation of the Frozen THC/CBD infused Meals and the two television shows being produced about The Herbal Chef, Chris has already been able to solidify his space as the #1 Cannabis Infusion Chef in the World. Science minded biology student turned to the chemistry of food and herbs to feed the intellectual side of creation. While fishing, hunting and foraging for ingredients to cook with feeds the animalistic tendencies of man. With a seemingly endless supply of passion and drive, Chris has his sights set on leaving a positive impact on the world through his medium of food. Having faced intense struggles to pursue this commendable dream, leaves him open to sharing his vision with the world that is The Herbal Chef TM.
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