Erica Bohm, MS

VP & Director of Strategic Partnerships, Healthy Dining


Erica has been passionately introducing consumers, restaurants, health professionals, employers, and others to the benefits of Healthy Dining since 1993. With her leadership and keen ability to forge strategic partnerships with key stakeholders, she is a valuable asset to the company’s continuous growth and mission to create a healthier America. She also regularly contributes as a spokesperson for the company, helping to spread the word about HealthyDiningFinder.com and its unique status as a one-of-its-kind, online nutrition resource. Prior to joining Healthy Dining, Erica spent several years in nutrition- and health-related positions at the American Red Cross in Greater New York and the American Health Foundation. She earned her master’s degree in community health sciences from New York City’s Hunter College. Erica was inspired to join Healthy Dining after receiving her first copy of the publication Healthy Dining in San Diego, the forerunner of the award-winning website, HealthyDiningFinder.com. She loved the concept and knew immediately she wanted to be a part of the effort.
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