Frankie The Bull

Celebrity Chef


Frank Terzoli burst into the limelight in the 2006-2007 season of Top Chef with a big bold personality. Bringing a generous portion of zesty attitude to the television kitchen, Frank earned himself the nickname “Frankie the Bull” from his fellow contestants on the show. His Television appearances have included several shows on the Food Network and Fox with a recent crowning as the winner of Cutthroat Kitchen and Cutthroat Kitchens Masters. His appearances include Chefs Wanted, Spike TV series Coaching Bad, Couples therapy and Man Vs Child . Long before his fame on TV, Terzoli has been making his mark in the world since the early age of 10. Starting with the launch of his culinary career, (a pint-sized Sous chef at a local San Diego Italian Restaurant), Frankie’s career would take many different turns in his pursuit of better food for the world’s consumers. The Son of an immigrant fisherman and with the vision for the future of Quality Seafood he immersed himself in learning every aspect of the seafood industry from the water to the plate. He was licensed as a Captain at the unheard of age of 22 and has own and worked for Seafood companies all over the world. From international sales, to hundreds of millions in annual purchasing of Seafood, Frankie is considered by many an expert on the seafood industry. Adding to his resume and character, Frankie’s natural, no non-sense approach to problem solving has made him a pioneer in adapting the Culinary and fishing industries to the challenges faced by a Global fisheries sustainability problem. From his training and experience of living in over 25 different Countries he has unique insight into the need for a new approach to our world seafood supply. He believe that the traditional laws of supply and demand must be put aside and replaced with manage and sustain. Frank can sing Italian Opera and speaks fluent Portuguese, Sicilian and Spanish. He’s also an author in his spare time, currently working on his Sicilian cookbook, "The No Hacks Guide to the Kitchen by Frankie the Bull." Terzoli’s signature passion and dedication have undoubtedly been the driving force behind his increasingly successful career, he best describes his goals with,” Today the world I live in and the world I will pass on to my children will be forever changed for better or worse by my actions today.”
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