Joe Benites

President & CEO, The Benites Group


President of The Benites Group a National Sales, Marketing and Consulting Company specializing in the Hispanic Market and in the Food Industry. The Benites Group was founded in 1982 and has served clients such as Nestle, Nabisco, SC Johnson, Johnson & Johnson, KRAFT Foods, LA Agencia De Orci, Tropicana, Ford Motors, Covered California and many fortune 500 CPG companies and advertising Agencies. With more than 40 years of experience at the retail and manufacturer level, Joe Benites brings a unique perspective to supermarket sales, promotions and marketing. He knows what it takes to take products to market and move them off the shelves. Joe began his career at the Adolph Coors Brewing Company in Golden, Colorado, where he spent 6 years working as an Assistant to Joe Coors, then the current President. While working at Coors, he underwent extensive management training. After leaving the brewery to become a partner in, and president of, MAYA Distributing, a Coors Beer distributor in Los Angeles, he took the company to over $10,000,000 in yearly sales before selling it. Following his stint at MAYA Distributing, Joe went on to become a national sales manager for Nabisco-Gamesa, the largest (multi $billion) company in Mexico, Central and South America where Nabisco held 30% of the stock, President of Next Generation Marketing Associates, and Executive Vice President of Pacific Star Corporation marketing cookie products from Spain. In 1985 he founded Action Demos, today one of the nation’s largest Hispanic-owned and managed in-store demo, merchandising and events management company. Four years later, Joe formed The Benites Group, Inc., a sales and promotion based marketing and consulting agency focusing on the national Hispanic market, where he currently serves as President. In conjunction with Action Demos, Joe has designed and executed programs for manufacturers such as Schering-Plough Healthcare, Nestle, Disney, Univision, Pfizer, Avandia, Tampico, Bush’s Beans, Johnson & Johnson, McNeil Pharmaceutical, San Miguel Beer (Philippine Islands), and many more. His programs have generated incremental sales as well as increased market share in the growing Hispanic market. Joe believes the key to the success of his programs include three common ingredients: they are designed to create sales via direct personal contact with consumers, the results are measurable, and each element adds to building the brand.
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