Sara Abbas

CEO / Founder of Ev0lver Inc. | Author | Entrepreneur | Wellness Expert


At a very young age, Sara found great joy in solving problems for others. Through this joy, she has grown to create a number of entities, brands, and solutions, founded on the principles of going 'against the grain' to do the greatest good. She lives to inspire, heal, empower, and improve the lives of those around her through her work. She adores connecting people and creating jobs for talented people across the globe. CEO/Founder of Ev0lver Inc (Ev0lverInc.com), a full-service talent agency, publisher, and brand incubator. Author of Supremely Being (SupremelyBeing.com), an example of her contribution to support her vision, promoting a happier, healthier, wealthier existence for all. Founder of We Need Space (WeNeedSpace.org), a non-profit, dedicated to helping others discover healthy, natural paths to being the best versions of themselves. When she's not running her companies, Sara enjoys writing and producing films, traveling, singing, and designing swimwear and lingerie for her upcoming clothing lines.
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