Take Back Your Budget: The Key to Profitability

Take Back Your Budget: The Key to Profitability Workshop

Monday, August 26, 2019, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM, Room 304 AB

Does the mere thought of writing a budget make your head spin and your heart beat with anxiety? You’re not alone. Most independent restaurant owners use their “gut” to budget their restaurants instead of the real numbers. But it’s not enough. Your budget is a guide to success. It points you — and your management team — to profitability. In this special three-hour session, David Scott Peters, restaurant coach and developer of the Restaurant Prosperity Formula, teaches you how to build a budget the right way. In addition, he gives you the tools to use the budget to be profitable, focusing on the single, most-controllable number in any restaurant. Peters will show attendees how to put systems in place to not only control this number, but also to reduce it and make more money.

BONUS: Peters will demonstrate budgeting with his Budget Creator Pro Software, and everyone who attends will receive installation of the software.

Attend this session to learn:

  • The steps to take to create a budget
  • How to use a budget to more easily recover from unexpected roadblocks
  • How to use a budget variance report to maintain your budget
  • How to find and calculate the magic number and what makes it what it is
  • How to easily and quickly know where you stand financially
  • How to change your management team from a reactive style to a proactive one that gets you results
  • Foolproof systems for reducing this key number and making you more money.
Meet Your Instructor...David Scott Peters

Meet Your Instructor...David Scott Peters

David Scott Peters is a restaurant coach and speaker who teaches restaurant operators how to cut costs and increase profits with his trademark Restaurant Prosperity Formula. Known as the restaurant expert in the industry, he uses a no-BS style to teach and motivate restaurant owners to take control of their businesses and finally realize their full potential. Thousands of restaurants have used his formula to transform their businesses. To learn more about David Scott Peters and his formula, visit davidscottpeters.com

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